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We Care About Your Growth And Success

ChavanTechLabs is the Google Ads marketing agency built by the marketers for the marketers. We have the best, dedicated, and certified Google Adwords professionals delivering top-quality digital marketing services. To be trusted amongst the best Google Ads agency in India we provide Google Ads services for thousands of businesses. Our agency is dedicated to offering the best result-driven strategy to increase ROI for any size business across India. 

Incorporating pay per click within your business we help you get visible in front of the right customer at right time. All digital marketing strategy is prioritized and bespoken based on increasing ROI and visitors’ performance as fast as possible. ChavanTechLabs will help you to get high website traffic and profitable clicks at reasonable criteria.


Numbers 1

Our team focus on numbers and impact

Money 1

We channel your money on the right place

OC 1

We specialize on optimizing campaign

Funnel 1

Our team emphasize on funnel and not traffic

Google Ads can be comprehensive- Are you overwhelmed ?

For most start-ups, it is difficult to mix all the digital marketing ingredients. It is important to create a strategy and deliver it through the right set of channels.

In ChavanTechLabs we filter the clutter and narrow down the audience to the right number through Google Ads services. We helped many companies to scale. that helps us to top the chart for the best google ads agency in India.

The digital marketing team ensures a healthy ecosystem for advertising. The blending of transparency and trustworthiness is important. So we combine human evolution and automation to make sure Google Ads complies with all the policies. 

Google Ads Services

Campaign improvements

Create multiple campaigns organized by targeting and budget that works for you

Conversion tracking

Will let you identify how your campaigns are working and generating sales

Monthly report

The summary of a month’s performance will help to discuss about the scope creep

Keyword Research

Search for the right keyword to discover the content people are looking for.

Image text ad creation

Creating ad copy with relevant images and text for a wide range of concepts

Competitive Analysis

Help you to evaluate your competitors to give you a competitive edge

Landing page optimization

Developing landing page to lazer focus and motivate visitors to take profitable action

PPC cost management

We will help you to effectively navigate the technicalities of Google ads

Monitoring PPC

Managing reporting tools will help you to detect anomalies

Why Companies Hire Us

ChavanTechLabs is known best for its Google Ads services. This is because our digital marketing team’s center of attention has always been on the quality traffic to your website. Our experts do that by spending the budget strategically. With billions of search results on Google, we with our best Google Ads services assure your products and services reach the right audience. Ads management requires expertise and experience which we guarantee you. Unlike other best Google Ads agencies in India, we deliver a 100% success ratio. There is no point to waste your time and money when we can do it for you! 

Grow Ambitious Business

We ensure to showcase your best selling products to customers who are willing to buy them

Our main focus is your profitability and not impression and clicks.

Data analytics for optimizing

Our focus is in collecting data from various data points and utilize it to bid.

Our clients experience maxim growth and sales after the initial stage.

Your Marketing Team

Our responsibility

Our highly dedicated marketing strategist will be responsible for the success of your company

No overcommit

Our team emphasize on setting clear and achievable goals. We believe in delivering realistic results.

No lengthy contract

We provide detailed insights that need to scale depending on the profitability and you decide to stay or not.

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