Digital Marketing for fashion industry- A complete guide

Digital is a well established reality that has transformed businesses to grow brand equity from both marketing and financial point of view. Digital darwinism has already been implied to luxury and fashion brands. Fashion industry has re-imagined the business process through digital marketing. Digital marketing in the fashion industry has been seen to wipe away all the constraints not only with respect to cost but also improved connectivity with the target audience, speedy reach and flexibility. Digital marketing in the fashion industry has paved the route by creating personal and intimate relationships with the customers. Implementation of digital marketing has allowed identifying the emerging  preferences in a precise way. Marketing digitally has helped the fashion industry to transform new ideas into products. 


Prioritizing the value of digital marketing for fashion industry

Fashion trends are dynamic and they change even faster than the digital marketing trend. Hence it is imperative to adopt how digital marketing can help to grow the fashion business in a convenient way. While building the strategy it is important to understand what all complexities a fashion trend has. Online marketing in the fashion world is all about being informal to the existing and the potential customer. Polite communication and business etiquette are the USPs of a business. Hence it is highly important for the fashion store to interact humanly while connecting with their audience online. Therefore, digital marketing agencies for fashion industries should focus on the brand’s good social media presence. The digital marketing agencies in the fashion industry are also focusing on social media marketing and influencer marketing for the fashion brand clients as the impact of fashionistas is more on the user. 


So, celebrity endorsement is a must while strategizing digital marketing for the fashion industry. Along with endorsement it should also be kept in mind that content marketing is stealing the show in the fashion industry. Online content crafted with stories and blogs are a massive upturn in user engagement. 

Use of digital marketing in fashion industry to boost sales

The purpose of marketing digitally for fashion brands helps to reach the right audience creating brand awareness. The ways digital marketing can boost your sales for fashion brand are :

Retargeting audience: Fashion brands can focus on retargeting their potential customer as many times it is seen people do not tend to buy a product if they see an ad for one time. It is a good strategy to target the same set of audience that works as a reminder about the brand. Digital marketing agency for fashion industry can plan to implement this by facebook lookalike audience and custom audience. 

Holiday promotion : Holiday promotion can be a good strategy to boost the sales of the fashion industry. This is mostly done by providing incentives to the customers depending on the time of the year. Hence, with email marketing a particular fashion brand can implement the strategy and send a set of emails to their subscribers focusing on heavy discounts. 

Takeaways on social media: Digital marketing trends for the fashion industry includes engaging customers by giving away a famous product on the store as a winning gift for some quiz. Special hashtags can also be used to promote the takeaway program on social media to stand out from the competitor.

Influencer marketing: Fashion industry being dynamic in nature it constantly looks upon new trends that can be followed to attract new customers. Nothing can beat influencer marketing when it comes to promoting a fashion product. Vlogger or blogger who already have dedicated followers will be interested in that particular fashion brand the blogger promotes for. 

Factors and opportunities of digital marketing in fashion industry

Researchers have identified that most of the successful brands in the fashion industry have excelled in terms of ability and economic performance by establishing a trust and long lasting relationship with their customers. So, it is important to build a humane connection with the potential and existing customers to convert and retain them respectively to sustain in the market. The dimension of digital marketing in the fashion industry where the brands are winning includes; budget allocation, personalizing and targeting and content strategy and asset production. 


Digital marketing strategy for fashion industry have developed dynamic attribution techniques by optimizing the allocation and budget. Therefore, a successful fashion brand will distribute the budget strategically to different channels to increase brand awareness and conversions. Digital marketing agency for fashion brands in India have started linking data from e- commerce to in-store to have a comprehensive view of trends and customers. This strategy helps the fashion brands to optimize supply and also provide recommendations for future purchase in a personalized manner. 


Digital marketing helps to segment a wide range of audience at low cost on the basis of geographic location. Personalisation can be done digitally by purchasing experience, browsing experience and offline and online channels. Fashion brands should be able to communicate with their customers through all channels. The most important areas on personalisation that fashion brands need to focus is social media, adaptive web and personalized email. While discussing the opportunity of digital marketing in the fashion industry, digital marketing agency for fashion industry should plan how to develop quality content as content marketing is the backbone of the fashion and clothing industry. It is critical to analyze the performance through data science tools.

Advantages of digital marketing in fashion industry

Digital marketing if integrated into communication plans can boost the revenue of the fashion brands. Let’s take a look at the advantages that marketing digitally can bring for the fashion industry. 

  • It harmonizes the brand connect on all marketing channels. 
  • Uses analytical model for allocating and optimizing budgets. 
  • Synthesized data fetched from different parts of the organization.
  • Helps to create a unique profile or database for each customer to track their activity.


Fashion brands are looking for trained digital marketing specialist with specific skills like content manager and data scientist who can successfully implement digital marketing strategy for fashion industry with a consequence of reaching a wider audience resulting in brand awareness and increases revenue. Therefore, incorporating digital marketing strategy the fashion brands have seen new heights. 


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