Digital Marketing techniques for Hotel Chains

Digital Marketing techniques for Hotel Chains

What is a Hotel Chain?

A hotel chain is defined as a company that owns or operates several hotels. Hotel chains are enterprises that manage a number of hotels located in different areas and they can be total or partial owners of the hotel; In, Digital marketing techniques for hotel chains also manage their administration, marketing, and promotion activities. 

The majority of chain hotels have official tourism approval and they generally carry its brand name, which is passed on to their chain hotels.

What is Hotel Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing techniques for hotel chains are defined as building and maintaining your hotel’s presence online. It is also known as hotel online marketing and hospitality marketing. So you have to accept that hotel digital marketing gets you more bookings, better visibility, and a stable brand name in the market.

Top 10 Digital marketing techniques for hotel chains:

1. Design and develop your website:

There is a growing trend for hotels to have websites that can make booking simpler for potential guests. 

Many visitors jump on many booking engines to find the best value deals. And online users then search the hotel website for either more information or an even better price for the night. 

So you need to create attractive websites for better results. Having an amazing website enables you to outline the most attractive features that set you apart from any other hotel.

2. Make your site mobile friendly:

Nowadays, people prefer finding anything on a smartphone rather than on a desktop. So mobile-friendly websites are most recommended by smartphone users.

Customers want to make a hassle-free booking and having mobile-optimized increases booking inflow and maximizes revenue generation.

3. Improve your Email Marketing campaign:

Email marketing is increasingly important in the hotel industry and you can use it efficiently and effectively if you want. 

It helps you to connect with guests by sending them pre-arrival emails and providing them guidance about selecting the best amenities as per their budget, and it also helps you to stay in touch with your customer after they leave your hotel via post-emails. 

Email marketing is the most affordable way to reach an audience and one that requires no upfront cost.

4. Search engine optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing that hotels can do to increase their online bookings. If you perform well at SEO, it will help you to rank your hotel on the top of the search engines. 

For hotel chains, you need to focus on the visibility of your business in local search results. For that result, you have to mention places near your hotel on Google maps in the About us section.

5. Google and other Ads:

With the help of Google ads, you will not only boost your visibility in the hotel industry but also improve your brand value. You can receive direct bookings through Google ads that will push you up in the industry. And it also reduces dependency on Online Travel Agency (OTA). 

You also run dedicated ad campaigns on Google and Facebook (or Instagram) that make sure that your hotel is visible and the information about your commendable services reaches the right people.

Facebook and Instagram ads are one of the cheapest ways to attract more guests. Because you can easily get more online bookings through these ads and also within your budget.

6. Social media marketing:

Everyone is promoting their business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and many more. But you have to utilize it in the best possible way so that you can get high traffic on your site.

Some hotel chains created their social media accounts because it was recommended to them. But you have to link your website with your social media pages and ensure that they are checked regularly. So it can help you to encourage potential guests to contact you there. 

You can also add a tagline to your website, such as, “contact us on Facebook or Instagram with any questions we may answer about your stay ” to encourage this behavior.

7. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a very attractive digital marketing technique for hotel chains. They use this marketing technique when a hotel wants to attract a large audience. 

For that, hotel managers can contact those influencers who have the power to affect the purchase decisions of others. 

It is an easy option for hotels because an influencer has a good reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic so they can help you by posting about your hotel on their Instagram stories and also engage their followers on your blog.

8. Educate your customers with content marketing:

Content is the best way to drive sustainable traffic to hotel listings and creating this content is a long-term marketing strategy. 

It requires the creation of relevant content like blog posts, or articles for your website to increase a visitor’s interest in your business. At the end of each blog post, you have to add a call to action for your hotel. 

In the hotel industry, content marketing is used to attract visitors who may be searching for information on highly relevant topics, making them more likely to become guests.

9. Manage all online reviews and reputation:

It is important in the hotel industry to ask customers for positive reviews and leave reminders of this request at every turn. You can also share those positive reviews on your social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram, and take the time to respond with appreciation for these reviews.

Your hundreds of five-star reviews will inevitably result in further sales, but one bad review can severely damage the reputation of a hotel. You have to respond to all the negative reviews for your online reputation management.

10. Have remarketing enable online:

Hotel remarketing is the process of finding those customers who have visited the hotel’s website and abandoned their search. You have to use this strategy to get these users to revisit the website and make a purchase the second time by asking. 

In simple terms, remarketing is an advertisement that targets previous users with discounts or deals to re-engage these customers.

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