How to Build a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram is the hottest platform around and everyone wants to know how to maximize their business through it. There is no secret why businesses are interested in it, there are more than 1 billion Instagram users and 60% of them login into their account daily. Not only Instagram has a lot of users but also they are well engaged, everyday more than 80 million posts are shared on Instagram. It is an awesome global platform which every business should leverage.

How can a successful Instagram strategy impact your business?

Brands in particular love instagram as engagement is higher. The engagement on Instagram is 10x more than Facebook, 54x more than Pinterest and 84x more than twitter. Think of Instagram as a magazine and its posts as pages of that magazine. The bio will of course be the cover page, so with every publishing post you are adding value to the promise you made.

How to know if Instagram marketing is for you?

  • Check if your competitors are on Instagram.
  • Can you be visually compelling

Some of the best ways to use Instagram for business could be for

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Delight
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Attracting new prospects
  • Directing sales for B2C Companies
  • Advertising

Below are given steps, that you should consider while framing your Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Step 1 - Do a Competitive Analysis

Instagram competitors analysis
  • Try searching terms or businesses related to your industry to find similar accounts.
  • Conduct a quick audit of related accounts to understand what kind of post is getting the highest amount of engagement.
  • What popular hashtags they are using.
  • What kind of captions they’re writing.
  • How often they are publishing.
  • And how quickly they are growing.
    This information will serve as a benchmark as you start growing your account

Step 2 - Identify what key performance Indicators (KPI’s) you want to track?

Instagram KPIs

Once you have a sense that Instagram is a platform for you and your business goals are going to align with your strategy, you should think about what key performance Indicators you want to track. It can be followers, likes, growth rate or increased engagement. Deciding KPI’s will help you to make key decisions regarding your content.

Step 3 - Maintaining Authenticity and Consistency

Instagram can bring in the best results for your business, especially when you are using it authentically. You should never prefer quick and temporary gains over consistent efforts. 

  • Don’t buy followers, It may show you good numbers but not engagement.
  • You should provide more than pretty pictures. Your followers want value, not image designs.
  • Be consistent and provide content that really matters.

Step 4 - Optimizing your Instagram Brand profile

Instagram profile optimization

There are two pieces that are important, first being the content and second being the profile. It is important to optimize your profile inorder to make sure that you are maximizing your opportunities to implement your strategy goals. You should keep your profile updated based on your changing business goals, campaigns you are highlighting and more.When creating a business profile on Instagram there are five things to keep in mind:

  • Having the right username.
  • Having an awesome avatar photo/brand logo
  • Make sure that your subtitle has SEO
  • Creative Bio
  • Call to Action
  • Make Sure that your profile is connected to business email
  • Switch to an Instagram business profile


Instagram business profile gives you access to

  • Instagram Insights
  • Additional contact fields in your bio
  • The ability to boost posts with advertising.
  • The ability to include links in Instagram stories

One of the most important thing that goes unnoticed is making sure that your link directs to a mobile optimized site as most of the Instagram users are using it on mobile devices. You can also implement A/B testing for your profile to check what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Step 5 -Understanding Instagram Algorithm

There are a number of factors involved when it comes to how your Instagram audience will see and interact with your posts. Understanding how Instagram Algorithm effects your content will help you maximize your marketing efforts to drive visibility, attract new customers and reach more people. The Instagram Algorithm is all about how and how much people are viewing your content and whether they are engaging or not. Instagram feeds depends on three main factors which are 

Interests and Relevancy – Instagram will prioritize posts it believes to be of more interest or has the great relevance to other posts you have engaged with.

Timeliness – Instagram considers timeliness to be important for prioritizing and will reorder only the new posts between a user’s current visit and their last visit.

Relationships– Relevance and Relationship matter, showing you the Instagram account that you always interact with. Algorithms may also take data from Facebook to determine relationship. The relationship factor takes into account a user searching for a profile, then ranking that profile higher the feed moving forward. The more a user refreshes the session the more chances are there that he/she will see the content beyond friends and family.

Instagram Algorithm

There are three additional criterias that play a smaller part in Instagram feed rankings

Frequency – How often a user accesses Instagram

Following – How many people a user is following

Usage – How long a user is on Instagram

Another one of the important point to notice is

Instagram doesn’t favor users who use stories,Live,or IGTV. Whether the content is Image or Video it is given equal priority.

Instagram gives the same visibility to both personal and business accounts

If you are using bots, automatic followers, too many hashtags or exceed the following limits, Instagram can shadow ban your profile and most of your posts will get a very limited reach.

One of the important features of instagram marketing is that it always changes.

Step 6 - Understanding Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is one of the prime benefits of having a business profile. Instagram Insights provides easy to digest data about the effectiveness of your content, eventually which results in better decisions regarding marketing strategy

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