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What is PPC ?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a version of internet marketing where every time someone clicks to visit your site, you as an advertiser will pay a fee. In simple terms, rather than earning the clicks you are buying them out. The scope of PPC includes social media platforms and Search Engines, but it’s not limited to them. 

The most widely known PPC advertising system is Search Engines advertising, where advertisers bid for placing an ad in the sponsored links of the search engines.

PPC Services

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Search Advertising

Search Advertising is considered as one of the best PPC methods as the person who searches a particular query has high intent of taking action.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising increases Customer Engagement and Brand Awareness. Rich interactive media elements like video, images and other clickables can be used.

Pay Per Click


Remarketing helps you to create custom advertisements for the potential clients who have not completed sales funnel.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads appear on the top of searches that are made with the intent to buy. They provide a very clear offering of the product.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media channels allow your ads to reach a large number of people and target a better audience.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is really important as nowadays everyone carry there cell phones wherever they go. With mobile advertising you can reach your target customer anytime, anywhere.

Our Offerings


10% / month
  • Ad Budget -upto USD 1000 per month
  • Minimum Duration - 3 months
  • Number of keywords -50
  • Initial Estimate Report
  • Monthly Tracking Report
  • Landing Page Recommendation
  • Landing Page Optimization


6% / month
  • Ad Budget -USD 5000 per month & Above
  • Minimum Duration - 3 months
  • Number of keywords -150
  • Initial Estimate Report
  • Weekly Tracking Report
  • Landing Page Recommendation
  • Landing Page Optimization

How PPC benefits your Business?

If someone clicks on your advertisement then you know that these people are the potential clients who were specifically looking for what you need to offer as they enter the relevant keywords which ultimately lead you on their screen.

With a targeted audience comes greater control over the advertisement when you want them and where you want them to appear. You can manage everything with greater ease. You can also set up the marketing campaign once you know with whom you are communicating which in turn can help you in optimizing your exposure and increasing the conversion rate.

If in doubt, PPC entitles you to start small, with an agreement within it where you can scale upwards later. With this you can measure the progress at every step, even when you are starting small. This adds up the results in later stages whenever you scale.

Immediate results from the campaign launch makes PPC an effective choice as you can track your results overnight. The most important thing for favorable results is to procure the valuable data and consistently improve your campaign performance. 

SEO is not directly affected by the PPC in fact, it influences the factors that do, such as the traffic on your website, time spent on the page. If more people visit your site through your ads, read the content available, sharing it and linking it to their own sites it makes PPC become a better option to gain maximum results than SEO. 

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