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How Google Searches are Impacting every decision taken in Educational Institutions.

Students and their wards are much more concerned regarding their educational decisions nowadays. They make sure that before taking any decision they do a complete research regarding any institute. Here all humans have a common habit to get their queries resolved through Search engines like Google and Bing. If your Institute has a good Digital Presence then Students will surely consider your institute. The general terms that student search can be ‘best engineering institute in Ahmedabad’ or ‘best coaching center for CBSE in kalyan’, once they search this you have to make sure that your website ranks on the Top of SERP and is easily available to searchers. SEO for educational institutions need a complete different skills and experience, ChavanTechLabs here comes up with a complete seo services for educational institution to rank your website on Page #1 in SERP.s

Our Educational Institution SEO Services Include

Complete SEO Audit

SEO Audit will provide insights to the current seo health report of the website. This will also help us to plan and prioritize tasks needed to rank the website. SEO Audit comes handy when we need the help of the IT department to make any changes for technical SEO.

Responsive Website

As per Google it will soon start rolling out Mobile-First Algorithm. This algorithm will consider mobile versions of websites for ranking purposes, even for the desktop ranking. Generally Educational Institutions have few mobile friendly and few unfriendly web pages. We need to figure out these unfriendly pages and work on them.

Keyword Research

Using Premium tools like Semrush and Ahrefs we will carry out in-depth research. This research report will consist of keywords that are searched frequently in that location. Based on this data experts will take decisions regarding integrating keywords into the site. Keyword Research also provides an easy platform for Content Development Plan.

Page Load Speed

It’s important to grab the attention of the searcher before he/she skips the page. Many times websites take more than required time to load and eventually the person clicks on others websites. This provides wrong experience to the searcher and is a major google ranking factor.

Backlink Building

Whenever the sites are redesigned it may result in lots of broken links. These broken links should be addressed on time. Inbound links from other websites can contribute exceptional value for ranking, but are difficult to obtain. At ChavanTechLabs we use many premium tools to find backlink building opportunities for you.

Measure, Analyze and Improve SEO value

After publishing the perfect content it is necessary to Track and Analyze the activity of users. Website traffic alone need not necessarily be the ultimate goal. Experts will analyze things like session duration, bounce rate, goals like appointment setting, Forms signup etc.

Why Us

We will build your rankings and keep it protected.


ChavanTechLabs will build the best seo marketing strategy for your institute. A complete solution starting from market research, content development, optimization to analyzing and reporting is provided. Good Education SEO Company will help you achieve your goals from time to time. We will also help you to protect and improve your brand on the Internet. At ChavanTechLabs our experts ensure that we design perfect solutions for your brand keeping in mind your budget and goals.


With our tailored Seo Services your College, School, Coaching center or Institute will see a good rise in digital presence. Through our time-tested strategies and tactics we will rank your website on the first page.Unless you rank on the first page of Google, building a website doesn’t make any sense. SEO is a long-term investment for any business and it provides fruitful results with time. Our experts at ChavanTechLabs will work to make your institute the first choice of your target audience.

Let’s Go at Top Position

Looking for a professional seo company for your Educational Institute? Want to increase your web traffic? Want more Leads? We The ChavanTechLabs team have got you covered. Whether you are new to SEO or have used any other service provider before, we have got offerings for you.